strateegus = research

At strateegus, we provide a full scope of research services ranging from traditional focus groups--one on one; group; multi-city; inter-national, to ethnographic research (where we will actually live, work and observe consumers to gain insights into their habits and product usage), to retail audits (where we evaluate the category, the brands, pricing, the retailers and other factors) to help customers understand what the category looks like and how to compete vs established or emerging brands.
The above are conducted under our direction, using established service providers, yielding a rare combination of exactness, comprehensive & usable data which is then applied to the development of your products, and finally cost management for our customers.  

preferences research

"What does your customer prefer when it comes to features, design, pricing and value in your category? What makes them pick your competitors product over yours? By carefully identifying all of those questions and more, we are able to help steer you to the best product offering and advantage in the market"

ethnographic research

Who is your target customer? How do they use your products or the competitions? What trends influence them? It's tricky, but by interviewing, watching and many times living & working with consumers we are able to answer all those questions and more, giving you an un-parralled advantage and a unique perspective in the market that will help consumers choose your products vs the "competitions"

focus group & user research

"What do your customers really think about your products or services? How does your competition stack up against your products or services?, And what new products can be launched to keep you ahead of your competition? These and many questions can be answered by the usage of our strategic end user and focus group sessions. Join other customers who have gained enormous insights which have shifted their financial, brand, marketing and product development outcomes.