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During the last quarter-century+, we have honed and refined the process of defining, designing and introducing new products to the retail, online and other channels down to an efficient and strategic system, whereby each step of this process has been carefully built to ensure that ideas are converted into tangible products, weeding out concepts that are based on opinion and instead focusing on ideas that are based on using our experience and measure-able tools.



1. Analyze markets, competition, pricing and customers current status.

2. Develop sales strategy and materials, products, packaging & merchandising, customer target list

3. Launch to retail, club, online channels  


Unlike many others out there who rush their customers to market or in front of buyers, we take our time to cover each step without compromising the intent and stated objectives.


This is not for everyone, but those that choose to work with us, realize the importance of doing things right, for the right reasons

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