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sales to omni-channels


As crucial as it is to have the right product, knowing how to sell it is equally important. Many in this area will tell you what you want to hear, will drag out the selling of your idea, and then cross their fingers hoping that the cold-call they just made works...


At strateegus, our approach is based on "relationship based selling" whereby our experience, involvement and prior relationships with retail execs and buyers, gives us a more direct route to getting an order than those that rely on mere cold-calling. In addition, our sales reps are also former retail buyers at some of the largest retailers and wholesalers in North America. Lastly, we will create compelling and effective sales & marketing tools to present your products in the most professional manner possible.


So, will you choose to work with sales people who "shoot then aim", or choose to work with pros who use their experience and relationships to get your product to retail?

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