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If sourcing for production or new products were as easy as searching on some massive web-site, everyone would be doing it right? Unfortunately what many who go that route find out, is that it is not easy as promised...


At strateegus, we have been working with some of the same factories, sourcing and QC partners in China, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico and Southern Asia for as long as 25 years, delivering products that are produced to original design intent, to spec, pass quality control standards, are on budget, and on time. During this last quater century, we have come to understand the financial goals of proper sourcing, and the untold nuances such as culture, relationships, and time zones, all which contribute to either success or failure in this area. 


So, will you try one of those robotic mega-sites, or choose to work with true professionals with more than a quarter century of experience in this area?

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